Online and In-Person Therapy In Arkansas

Helping to Empower You to Rediscover Your Voice, Rebuild Strong Relationships, and Find Inner Peace Through Holistic Therapy.

Are you ready to discover your empowered self?


Individual Counseling

For Overwhelmed Moms – Reclaiming Your Voice and Identity

Are you a mom feeling overwhelmed, struggling with anxiety and depression while trying to balance the demands of family life? We specialize in helping women like you find their voice and rediscover their identity beyond the roles of a mom and wife.

Couples Counseling

Reconnecting Hearts and Rebuilding Trust

Are you and your partner facing the painful challenges of infidelity, communication breakdowns, trust issues, and dwindling intimacy? We offer specialized couples therapy services to help you break free from the endless loop and rebuild a strong, loving connection.

Individual Hypnotherapy

Breaking Free from Smoking and Achieving Your Health Goals

Are you struggling to quit smoking, despite the negative impact on your health? Are you looking to lose weight, regain motivation, and confidence, and overcome anxiety? We offers specialized hypnotherapy services to help you break free from these challenges and achieve lasting change.

In-network with the following insurance companies. 

BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, Arkansas Medicaid, United Health Care/Optum,  Arkansas BCBS, Ambetter, Tricare

For those who do not want insurance in your business, we have cash pay options

$225 per session

Sliding scale available

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does your therapy process work?

A: My therapy process begins with a comprehensive assessment where we discuss your unique challenges, goals, and experiences. From there, I tailor a holistic approach that may include various therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and hypnotherapy. Together, we work towards your transformation, with each session carefully structured to your needs and progress.

Q: What makes your therapy style unique and effective?

A: My approach blends formal education, professional expertise, and personal experiences. As a mom and wife, I’ve navigated life’s challenges firsthand. This empathetic understanding, combined with my credentials as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Hypnotherapist, empowers me to provide therapy that’s deeply relatable and effective.

Q: Who is an ideal candidate for your therapy services?

A: Ideal candidates include individuals facing life’s complexities, particularly women, moms, and wives. If you’re seeking to overcome past traumas, find your voice, rebuild relationships, or simply enhance your mental well-being, my therapy services are designed with you in mind.

Q: What kind of transformation can a client expect from your therapy?

A: Clients can expect a profound transformation that touches all aspects of their lives. Through therapy, you’ll gain self-confidence, a deep sense of self-love, and the ability to heal past wounds. You’ll also learn effective strategies to nurture relationships and discover inner peace, enabling you to shape a brighter future on your own terms.

Q: Can you share a success story that demonstrates your therapy impact?

A: Certainly! One client faced debilitating anxiety that hindered her daily life. After several sessions, she not only regained her ability to participate in society but also discovered newfound strength and resilience. Her journey is a testament to the life-changing potential of therapy when combined with dedication and personalized strategies.

Q: Why should someone unsure about therapy decide to work with you?

A: Therapy can be an uncertain path, but my approach bridges that gap. Whether you’re a first-time therapy seeker or a skeptic, my personal experiences and professional expertise create a warm and judgment-free space. It’s an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with someone who genuinely understands the complexities of life.

Q: What value do you bring to partnerships and collaborations?

A: In partnerships and collaborations, I offer a unique blend of therapeutic knowledge, genuine empathy, and a fresh perspective rooted in my diverse background. Whether it’s integrating therapy into holistic wellness programs or contributing insights on empowerment, my contributions are driven by a deep understanding of human connections and mental well-being.

Q: Why should someone invite you for a speaking engagement or a podcast guest spot?

A: As a speaker or podcast guest, I offer audiences a rare fusion of professional expertise and personal narratives. From navigating the challenges of motherhood and marriage to professional accomplishments, my story resonates with resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of therapy. Invite me, and your audience will gain inspiring insights and actionable strategies for personal growth and empowerment.